Facebook is changing is company name to META full Information about Meta

Facebook is changing is company name to META full Information about Meta

Hello Facebook Lovers, Mark Said : Hello Meta.

Yes Facebook is changing is company name to META. Meta is corporate parent company rename, Facebook social network still remains Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg announced that despite a name change, Meta’s Mission will remain same and that its existing brand’s wouldn’t be changing.


Zuckerberg said : ” From Now on, We’re Going to be the Metaverse first. NOT FACEBOOK FIRST.

Instagram @Zuckerberg

Meta is going to change the visions of the Creators and user experiences.

Did You Know Owned by META many Products are :

  • Facebook App
  • Messenger
  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp
  • Oculus
  • Workplace
  • Portal
  • Novi

2004 Facebook Name is THE FACEBOOK Now 2021 Facebook Name is META.

Also Facebook’s Oculus Quest will soon be called the Meta Quest.

Instagram Head Adam posted a Video on Instagram about Meta

Adam Said :

Been working on this one for a while now… Facebook company is now Meta

I’m excited about creating a more immersive Instagram experience in the metaverse… A lot more to come. ✨

The Metaverse and Instagram’s Future

The future of the ✨metaverse✨ is not yet defined—and I find that really exciting. Looking forward to continuing our work in this space and building this new medium together – said Adam

So, what you think about New Name Facebook META?

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