Capturing Elegance: Shiva SS Unveils Exclusive Fashion and Celebrity Moments | FAME DILA DOON Magazine Cover – January 2024, Volume 01

Capturing Elegance: Shiva SS Unveils Exclusive Fashion and Celebrity Moments | FAME DILA DOON Magazine Cover – January 2024, Volume 01

Cover Story: Shiva SS – Capturing Elegance Through the Lens

Shiva SS The Celebrity Photographer Cover Page Fame Dila Doon Magazine January 2024 Volume 01

In the pulsating heart of India, where tradition and modernity intertwine, emerges a visionary photographer who transcends boundaries with his lens – Shiva SS. Hailing from the vibrant cities of Hyderabad and Mumbai, Shiva has carved a niche for himself as a formidable force in the realms of fashion and celebrity photography.

Fame Dila Doon Magazine brings you an exclusive glimpse into the world of Shiva SS, where every frame tells a story of elegance, passion, and an innate understanding of the art of visual storytelling.

Volume 01 Edition: January 2024

Shiva SS: The Maestro Behind the Camera

From the bustling streets of Hyderabad to the glitzy glamour of Mumbai’s film industry, Shiva SS has mastered the delicate balance between tradition and contemporary aesthetics. His portfolio is a kaleidoscope of mesmerizing shots, capturing the essence of his subjects with an unrivaled finesse.

In this edition, we delve into Shiva’s journey, exploring the milestones that have shaped him into the sought-after photographer he is today. From his early days experimenting with a camera to becoming the go-to lensman for Bollywood’s elite, Shiva SS’s trajectory is nothing short of inspiring.

Fashion Fusion: Shiva’s Signature Style

Shiva SS’s lens doesn’t just capture moments; it crafts visual poetry. Renowned for his ability to fuse traditional Indian aesthetics with cutting-edge fashion, Shiva’s work transcends cultural boundaries. Our fashion feature showcases his iconic style, where each photograph is a testament to his unique ability to blend heritage and haute couture seamlessly.

Celebrity Chronicles: Stars in Shiva’s Frame

As we flip through the pages, get ready to witness the who’s who of Bollywood and beyond, immortalized through Shiva SS’s lens. From candid moments to high-profile shoots, this edition unveils the stories behind the glamorous images, offering a behind-the-scenes peek into Shiva’s world of celebrity photography.

Shiva SS with Vidya Balan
Shiva SS with Sonu Sood
Shiva SS with Sonu Nigam

Join us in celebrating the January 2024 edition of Fame Dila Doon Magazine, where Shiva SS takes center stage, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of fashion and celebrity photography. Get ready to be captivated, enchanted, and inspired by the artistry of Shiva SS – the maestro behind the camera.

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Mohit Bargali Set to Mesmerize Audiences in Upcoming Film “ARJUNAA – Imminent of End” Premiering in February 2024

Mohit Bargali Set to Mesmerize Audiences in Upcoming Film “ARJUNAA – Imminent of End” Premiering in February 2024


The star-studded cast features Mohit Bargali in a prominent role, alongside talents such as @notssarahh, @digvijay_raikwal893, and @himanshu.sammal. The film is helmed by the visionary director @rajat_singh_077 actor and director known for big web series pehla chakravyuh chalava or jamun, with the skilled @shakir3059 serving as the Director of Photography.

Mohit Bargali
Sarah Actress

Behind the scenes, the production is in capable hands, with @mukulbargali33 producing, Kamal Basera and @arpitsharma601 as Line Producers, and @rawat_bhaskar_1204 handling drone operations. The creative touch extends to the costume design, curated by the talented @nehaha_03.

The film’s soundtrack promises to be a soul-stirring experience, with music crafted by the renowned Sandy ( BEING AWARA ). The narrative, woven intricately, is the brainchild of director Rajat Singh, complemented by the writing prowess of Mohit Bargali. Pawan Bashera takes charge of the design elements, adding visual flair to the project.

Adding a melodic dimension to the film is the incredible singer Suraj Palariya, whose voice is set to resonate with audiences, further enhancing the cinematic journey. With such a stellar lineup of talent both on and off-screen, “ARJUNAA – Imminent of End” is poised to captivate viewers and leave an indelible mark on the cinematic landscape. Stay tuned for the premiere in February 2024, as Mohit Bargali and the entire cast bring this compelling story to life on the big screen.

Celebrating Excellence: Dimple Ahuja – Pioneer in Skincare and Hair Solutions FAME DILA DOON DIGITAL COVER PAGE – DECEMBER 2023

Celebrating Excellence: Dimple Ahuja – Pioneer in Skincare and Hair Solutions FAME DILA DOON DIGITAL COVER PAGE – DECEMBER 2023

In the realm of beauty and wellness, one name shines brightly – Dimple Ahuja. The December 2023 cover of Fame Dila Doon Digital proudly features this award-winning Consultant, Skin & Hair Specialist, and the brilliant mind behind NAILD IT INDIA – the internationally acclaimed salon with a presence in Surat and Vadodara.

Dimple Ahuja Cover Page December 2023

A Visionary Journey

Dimple Ahuja‘s journey is nothing short of inspirational. Her vision to redefine beauty standards and provide unparalleled skincare and hair solutions has garnered her international recognition. As the Founder & CEO of NAILD IT INDIA, Dimple has transformed the beauty landscape with her commitment to excellence.

International Acclaim

The accolades bestowed upon NAILD IT INDIA are a testament to Dimple Ahuja’s expertise. The salon has received prestigious international awards, establishing itself as a benchmark in the beauty industry. Dimple’s innovative approaches and dedication to client satisfaction have set NAILD IT INDIA apart, making it a go-to destination for those seeking top-notch beauty experiences.

Client-Centric Approach

What sets Dimple Ahuja apart is her unwavering commitment to a client-centric approach. She believes in personalized care, understanding that each individual is unique. This philosophy has not only shaped NAILD IT INDIA’s success but has also created a loyal clientele who trust Dimple’s expertise implicitly.

Empowering Others

Dimple’s impact extends beyond the salon. As a leader in the beauty industry, she actively engages in initiatives to empower aspiring professionals. Through mentorship programs and educational endeavors, Dimple Ahuja is contributing to the growth of the beauty community, ensuring a legacy that transcends the physical walls of her salons.

December 2023: A Milestone Month

As Fame Dila Doon Digital unveils its December 2023 cover, it celebrates the extraordinary achievements of Dimple Ahuja. This feature not only recognizes her as a trailblazer in the beauty industry but also highlights the transformative power of passion, dedication, and innovation.

Join us in honoring Dimple Ahuja, a luminary in the world of skincare and hair solutions, as she graces the digital cover of Fame Dila Doon this December. Discover the story behind the success, the philosophy that drives NAILD IT INDIA, and the woman who has become a beacon of inspiration for beauty enthusiasts around the globe.

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Unlocking Wellness: A Journey with Adiva Healer and Reiki Grandmaster Anju Bhatia | Fame Dila Doon Magazine News

Unlocking Wellness: A Journey with Adiva Healer and Reiki Grandmaster Anju Bhatia | Fame Dila Doon Magazine News

Adiva Healer Official Logo

In the realm of holistic healing, Adiva Healer stands as a beacon of transformative energy, guided by the seasoned hands of Reiki Grandmaster Anju Bhatia, boasting an impressive 12+ years of expertise. This healing sanctuary extends its benevolent touch to various dimensions of well-being, addressing concerns ranging from Covid Healing to navigating the intricacies of physical, mental, financial, business, job, study, marriage, relationship problems, and beyond.

Adva Healer

Anju Bhatia‘s proficiency spans an array of healing modalities, with a rich tapestry that includes Reiki Healing, Crystal Healing, Pranic Crystal Healing, Pranic Healing, Karuna Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Karmic Reiki, Lama Fera, Money Reiki, Past Life Regression, Hypnotherapy, Angel Therapy, Color Therapy, Accupressure, Akashic Record, Life Coach, Humkara With Haleem, Shalvik Mantras, Switchwords, Zibu Symbols, and more. This diverse toolkit has empowered thousands to liberate themselves from the shackles of disease, stress, pain, anger, trauma, and various day-to-day mental and physical challenges.

At the heart of Adiva Healer’s philosophy is the belief in enabling individuals to extract the utmost fulfillment from their lives. Through the traditional healing avenues of Reiki, Mind Programming, and other transformative activities, Adiva Healer has become a trusted guide for those seeking liberation from the burdens of modern existence. Embark on this profound journey with us today and step into a realm where well-being is not just a destination but a way of life.

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Juhi Gupta : Model and Influencer , Fame Dila Doon Magazine International Edition 2023

Juhi Gupta : Model and Influencer , Fame Dila Doon Magazine International Edition 2023

Juhi Gupta, a renowned model and influencer, recently had the privilege of being interviewed by FAME DILA DOON MAGAZINE for their prestigious International Edition in 2023. This exclusive interview provided readers with an in-depth look into Juhi’s thriving career, her journey as a fashion icon, and her inspiring rise to fame. With her captivating presence and undeniable talent, Juhi continues to make a significant impact in the fashion industry, solidifying her position as a prominent figure in the global spotlight.

Juhi Gupta

Could you please start by telling us a bit about yourself and your background?

Certainly. I was born and raised in Rajasthan where I completed my studies before moving on to Pune for work. I began my career with an MNC and am now working for Tata Consultancy Services. I am a married working woman and in addition to my career, I am also a model and influencer.

That’s quite impressive. Can you tell us about your journey into modeling?

It was never my plan, but I’ve always been passionate about the idea of becoming a model despite being from a place where it isn’t an easy career for a girl. I knew that if I wanted to pursue it, I would need to make sacrifices. In 2019, I suddenly started gaining weight and developed health issues which caused my confidence to decrease. Being married and trying to balance everything, including meeting expectations from family and society, was quite difficult. However, I realized that in order to move forward, I had to prioritize myself and work on restoring my confidence. I worked on myself through yoga, diet, and exercise and was eventually approached with modeling opportunities. Despite my initial reservations due to my late start, I took the chance and have been amazed at the outcome.

That’s incredible. What are your life goals and how do you see yourself helping inspire others?

My ultimate goal is to become a top model and live a happy, peaceful life. I am also passionate about empowering women who have given up their dreams due to family pressure. I want to show that anything is possible if you stay focused on your goals. For me, it’s not just about achieving success, but also giving back to society and helping other women take flight with their dreams.

Juhi Gupta

What are some of your notable accomplishments and qualifications?

I have participated in beauty pageants and was selected for Glammon Mrs. India. I also won a prize in a bridal beauty show held in Indore and participated as a runway model in the MRFW Delhi Fashion Show. My qualifications include an MBA from Symboisis Pune and a certification as a professional model.

That’s really impressive. As an influencer, what is your perspective on authenticity and how do you see it playing a role in your work?

For me, authenticity is key in delivering genuine messages to my followers and those who look up to me as a role model. Without their love and support, I wouldn’t be where I am today.
I always try to be real, treat everyone with respect, and remain humble, both as a person and as an influencer.

Being a married woman How to manage everything ?

I always maintain my personal and my work life balance in such a way that I make sure I give time to both. At time I have to make adjustments but that always works in my favour. Because we all get equal time and if every individual know how to manage time in efficient way it works as wonders for them.

What are some of your hobbies and interests outside of work and modeling?

I enjoy dancing, painting, cooking, reading, singing, and traveling. In addition to these, I also involve myself in social work as this is something I’m passionate about. However, modeling remains my pride and joy, and I’m proud to be actively pursuing it.

Ruma Sharma : Cover Page & Story Fame Dila Doon Magazine International Edition 2023

Ruma Sharma : Cover Page & Story Fame Dila Doon Magazine International Edition 2023

Cover Story & Exclusive Interview with Ruma Sharma

Ruma Sharma Cover Page Fame Dila Doon Magazine International Edition 2023
Cover Page Ruma Sharma International Edition Volume 01 Fame Dila Doon Magazine

Hey Ruma, although most people on social media already know about you, can you still tell us about yourself?

Hi there, I’m Ruma Sharma, an actor and model. I also happen to be a digital influencer, as I have gained a significant following online. I could talk about myself for ages, but let me start by saying that I have been interested in acting since I was a child. In fact, I started my career as a child artist in Delhi, doing shows for Doordarshan, as it was the only channel available at the time.

I later became a student at the National School of Drama and shifted to Mumbai to pursue my acting career. Starting from scratch in Mumbai was not easy, but my previous experience as a child artist and drama student made it easier for me to face the camera and deliver dialogues with ease. Over time, I transitioned to digital media and became active on Instagram, which was still primarily a photo platform at the time. However, as the digital media landscape evolved, I adapted and grew my brand. In the past two years, working from home I have taught myself courageously, exploring and learning more about how to succeed in the digital world.

Being a digital influencer is not an easy job, but it has allowed me to explore different aspects of my life and career. I am happy with where I am but there is still a lot more I want to achieve. There is no age limit to learning and growing, especially in the tech-driven world we live in today.

Your success keeps appearing across our google searches,
could you tell us about your recent achievements?

My biggest achievement to date has been fulfilling my childhood dream of giving my parents all the happiness and everything they deserve, or missed out on in life. This dream specifically involved giving my mother a house, and after seven to eight years of hard work and struggles in the city of Mumbai, I was able to do just that last year. I feel incredibly proud and emotional to share this with you now.

I vividly remember how we began our journey in Mumbai, where we often didn’t even have enough money for food and had to rely on temple or gurudwara langars. But by the grace of God, we made it through those difficult times and I can confidently say that hard work always pays off. It’s important to trust yourself and have faith in God’s vision, as things will eventually fall into place.

Of course, there were times when I struggled with depression due to the competitive nature of the modeling and acting industry. It’s a challenging industry that requires consistent hard work and project deliveries, and sometimes projects come in abundance while other times they don’t. It’s okay to feel upset or discouraged, but it shouldn’t hinder your progress.

Sometimes the things we wait for don’t end up being the things that are meant for us, and that’s where having faith in God’s vision becomes crucial. I believe that God always gives us something better than what we think we deserve. My biggest achievement has been giving my parents their own house, but it’s just the beginning of my journey. I still have more goals to achieve, but I am content with what I have accomplished so far.

I haven’t bought a car yet, as I was saving for a house, which was a significant investment. But I am proud of myself for what I have achieved and thankful for my mother’s unwavering support throughout this journey.

Ruma, we’ve heard that you’ve recently become an entrepreneur, tell us more about that!

Yes, absolutely. My brand is called Rumaank, which is derived from a combination of my partner’s name, Pyang Patra, and mine, Ruma. Rumaank is a clothing brand that caters to both males and females.

My partner Pyang Patra handles the male clothing line, whereas I am in charge of the female line. However, due to my hectic schedule, I am not able to focus on it as much as I would like. Therefore, Pyang Patra is taking care of the male clothing line.

Despite not being very active on social media, we have received a positive response from our customers. We are still in the initial stages of our brand and are primarily focusing on building our website. We have already delivered a few products from our brand, and it feels great to receive such positive feedback.

It can be a difficult task to juggle both a career in acting and running a business. However, I am determined to find a balance and dedicate more time to my brand. I believe it is essential to take some time for myself and focus on the growth of Rumaank.

You’ve flown across shores to Dubai for projects, how was that experience of working in a new environment like?

As a digital influencer, I explore various sectors like travel, fashion, styling, and food. I don’t want to get stuck in just one category, as it feels good to be known in various digital and analog platforms worldwide. Recently, I went on an unexpected trip to Dubai to promote the Beautiful housing real-estate brand called called Dodin Kil Emileti Raffles. As a travel blogger, I got many opportunities to collaborate with different real-estate brands in various cities and countries. I went to Dubai to promote Raffles The Palms for only two days, but I always prefer to create my content professionally like all the celebs, and I put efforts and money for my content. I found an Instagram photographer from kerala, India, in Dubai, and I was excited about it as it’s
always a great feeling to work with the same person from your country. I extended my stay in Dubai, which was supposed to be for two days, by staying with a friend and shooting for their new property with Mr. Rizwanji and their
team. I shot 22 amazing contents for Denu Properties, and then I was supposed to fly back after the fifth day. But they wanted to cast me for their eighth film, and they know that I’m a decent actor. So, my trip unexpectedly extended by two more days. I think this trip was an amazing experience for me, as I shot an international TVC for the Eid festival with the great actor Raza Muraji, who played my father-in-law in the film.

Ruma Ji, how is your comeback happening in TV ad shoots?

Yes, things are definitely in the pipeline, and I’m just keeping my fingers crossed at the moment. I’ve recently completed shooting one web show, and I’m currently shooting another. So far, the feedback has been quite positive, and I’m really excited to see how people respond once it’s released.

While I can’t go into too much detail right now, I can say that there are definitely some exciting things on the horizon. I’m hoping that everything comes together as planned, and I’m asking for everyone’s good luck and good wishes as I continue to work on these projects.

Although you are already a model, influencer, blogger, and actor, there is something that sets you apart from others because you possess a higher amount of talent within you, which makes you a multi-talented individual.

As someone who’s involved in acting, modeling, and influencing, it’s been on my mind to start my own venture – an NGO. I have some friends who are already involved in NGO work, and I’d love to dedicate some of my time and resources towards it as well. For me, it’s always a great feeling to be able to give back to the community, to put my own interests aside and focus on helping others. I believe that NGOs are a fantastic way to do this – to be able to lend a hand to those in need, and to help make a real difference in people’s lives.

Starting an NGO is something that I’m definitely considering – perhaps this year, or maybe by next year. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, but it’s a dream that I really want to make a reality. Of course, it’s not something that can happen overnight. There’s a lot of work that needs to go into it – from securing funding and sponsorship to putting together a team of dedicated individuals who share my passion for helping others. But I believe that with hard work and determination, anything is possible. And if I can use my platform to make a difference in the world, then that’s something that I’m definitely willing to do.

On a lighter note, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Well, you yourself said that I am multi-talented, so I’ll also say yes, I like to do multiple things. Like I want to explore in each and everything that I do, whether it’s doing things to the best of my ability or exploring each and everything that exists in the world, like something that is not in any bucket list.

I definitely want to do all those things, whether it’s skydiving or underwater activities. You know, have you ever done underwater swimming? Whatever I can do, explore, and experience, I want to do all those things. And there’s one thing that I don’t want to do and I’ll never do, and that is that I can’t die but I will never have non-veg in my life, I mean I’m purely vegetarian, no, no reference to anyone, that’s what I am.

Non-veg is something I can die from, I can die of hunger, but I can’t eat non-veg in life, you know what I mean? I really love animals, and I remember when I was shooting in Brazil and Argentina for a month, there was definitely non-veg there, all sea food, all non-veg food, there was no vegetarian food there, so that was also a scenario.

I literally started, I was just on fruits, dry fruits, and juice. During this time, I was missing Delhi’s and Indian food a lot. Indian food was greatly missed. But the thing was that it’s okay, I can eat this food every day, I can’t, I can’t for one month. I was just on this diet, it’s like Margherita pizza, that’s it. So I said, whatever happens, I won’t even eat eggs, I don’t have a habit of eating eggs, but yes, I will never eat non-veg.

So, this is one thing that I will never do in my life until I die.

Is there any movie/web series/song that is your all-time favorite?

My favorite movie is a web show that I can watch all the time. In movies, I think one of my favorites is URI. It is a movie that I can never get bored of and is so interesting that I love to watch it again and again whenever it airs on TV. Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge is also a favorite of many people, and it is my favorite as well. But, if I had to choose between the films, I would say URI and Jab We Met. Jab We Met is my favorite because it stars Kareena Kapoor, who I adore.

Moving on to web shows, I enjoy watching shows that have a bit of thrill and an army base background. My favorite web shows are Family Man, Special Ops, and Patal Lok. These shows are exceptionally well made and have excellent content. Family Man is definitely one of my favorites, and I can watch it anywhere, anytime. Special Ops, too, is amazing, and the content is exceptionally well made. Overall, I love watching all these films and web shows, and they never fail to captivate me.

What is your vision/goals?

Well, my dear friend, I consider myself to be an individual who believes in personal growth and progress. It is at the core of my beliefs to continuously evolve and flourish. Furthermore, at this moment, I am inclined to focus solely on self-improvement and exploration. Whenever I reflect upon myself every six months or on an annual basis, I realize how much better I have become. I ponder over the various aspects I have explored, the personal development I have pursued, and the new advancements I have embraced within myself. This process has become a goal for me—to consistently enhance myself day by day—eliminating the need to rely on others for support. I have become self-sufficient, capable of accomplishing tasks independently, and capable of personal growth and improvement.

Consequently, I believe that by working on oneself and striving for personal growth, all goals can be achieved effortlessly. It is when one realizes that they are investing in their own development and progression, that their goals automatically fall into place. In today’s fast-paced world, it seems that new goals arise every day, especially within six-month intervals. We achieve certain aspirations and then set our sights on new ones. This dynamic nature of goals is what I perceive as my personal journey. For instance, my initial goal was to acquire a house in Mumbai, and I have successfully accomplished it. Now, my new objective is to establish myself as an actor this year. Subsequently, I may aspire to establish an NGO. As you can see, our goals consistently evolve and change.

Hence, my vision is simple: I aspire to continuously improve and experiment with myself. When I reflect upon myself after every six months, I want to be able to say that I have achieved certain things, gained new experiences, and witnessed personal growth. According to my understanding, if I focus on self-improvement and self-experimentation, all my goals will naturally be fulfilled.

What is your opinion/point of view regarding the fashion industry?

The glamourous industry is not as it appears on the outside. It has its dark secrets, which we are all aware of, as we work in an industry where it is easy to be seen from the outside. However, the struggles behind the scenes are unknown to many. Depression is a common occurrence among artists when work is scarce, and competition is high. It is a dark secret that often results in mood swings.

Being spiritually connected, meditating, and practicing yoga can help you overcome the drama that occurs behind the scenes in an artist’s life. This is not just an issue in the acting, modeling, or influencer industry, but in all fields. Ups and downs are present in every field, and the stories behind them are often just as compelling as the success stories.

Competition is present in every field, whether you are a makeup artist, photographer, designer, doctor, police officer, or teacher. Every industry has its ups and downs. Remaining positive is the key to overcoming these scenarios, and each day presents an opportunity to learn something new.

Every day is not perfect, but it is important to remain positive and never give up. Hard work and dedication will lead you to success, and being spiritually connected can help you overcome the obstacles that stand in your way. Trust that things will fall into place, and always remain positive.

You have done quite a few music videos, so how was your experience in the music industry?

In my opinion, the music industry is a rapidly growing industry, particularly the Tollywood and Punjabi industry. Their songs and singers are very famous these days and have surpassed Bollywood. I believe their music has made me realize that there is so much talent in our own country, whether it be in the singers, actors, music composers, writers or directors. It is amazing to see the amount of talent that exists in the music industry, where one has only three minutes to design a whole story, and the experience is entirely different from that of web shows, films, and TV series.

In the music video industry, one only gets three minutes to tell the whole story, so hats off to all the music video directors who shoot proper and engaging content in such a short span of time and reach their audience effectively. Singers also work day and night to perfect their performances and create songs. Some of them are even great actors and directors. It is impressive to see all these talents in one industry, and there is so much to learn from them.

I, too, aspire to be a singer someday and debut in a music video as a female singer. It is something I have always wanted to do, but it remains a secret for now. Who knows when this dream will come true, but it is something I would love to pursue someday.

Collaborations, Brand shoots and music videos, you’ve done ’em all! What’s that like?

On my social media platforms such as Google and Instagram, you have the opportunity to witness the brands that I endorse. In essence, I embarked on my artistic journey as a child, sharing my creations with all of you. Having commenced my acting career at the tender age of 5, it is arduous for me to recollect every endeavor I have undertaken. Remembering all the fellow child artists and actors like myself poses a challenge. However, as an actor, the show that holds the most special place in my heart is “CID.” This renowned series garnered significant popularity, with numerous episodes achieving viral status.

Subsequently, I ventured into another web show called “Choriyan,” exclusively for the Watcho platform. This particular web series holds a dear spot in my heart and brought me immense joy during its production. We had the pleasure of filming it in the vibrant city of Hyderabad. “Choriyan” is a captivating web series featured on Zee5. If you haven’t had the opportunity to experience it, I highly recommend watching it on the Watcho platform, where you will find me, Ruma Sharma, playing a significant role. Additionally, I have recently delved into the realm of music videos. Among my personal favorites is “Chann Toh Sonah,” a melodious composition by the talented Gautam Karke, whose captivating voice I greatly admire.

Then, whom I currently consider my closest companion, has produced a soul-stirring song titled “Tere Liye” under the pseudonym Purva Jinger, with Sahib Kohli lending his vocals to this magnificent piece. This song has truly captivated my heart. Turning our attention to the domain of brand promotions, the sheer multitude of associations makes it challenging to recall each one. Nonetheless, I would like to mention a few prominent brand names, including Airtel, Pepsi, Tanishq, Hyundai, Sugar Cosmetics, and numerous others. Recently, I had the privilege of participating in a campaign by RiteBite. Notably, Kartik Aaryan serves as the brand ambassador for this endeavor, known as Sane Brand Work. There are several exciting ventures in the pipeline waiting to be unveiled.

To stay updated with my current activities and the brands I am collaborating with, I warmly invite you to follow my journey on Instagram.

what did being Independent change things for you ruma?

I have always been an independent individual ever since my childhood, as I was raised by a single, self-reliant mother. Throughout my life, I have accomplished various milestones on my own, one of which I have already shared with you: the gift of a home. It stands as the most significant investment I have made thus far. Now, my next objective, or rather my next goal, is to acquire my own car—my very first car. However, before purchasing one, I must first learn how to drive. This becomes essential because my schedule involves extensive travel, with me spending ten days in Mumbai while being on the move for the rest of the time. Therefore, acquiring a car necessitates both the ability to drive and the availability of time for learning. Hopefully, I will be able to accomplish this feat within the upcoming year or, at the latest, the following year. If I succeed, it will be another substantial achievement for me, following the acquisition of my house.

Ruma Sharma Cover Page Fame Dila Doon

Looking back now, Ruma what would be your advise to your younger self?

If someone aspires to become an influencer, model, or actor, I believe that platforms like Instagram and social media are the right places to start. When I began my journey as an actor, digital platforms were not as active as they are now. Back then, auditions and meetings were necessary. However, today, it’s all about having great content. I have noticed that even older people, like my grandparents’ age, enjoy and appreciate engaging content on social media. So, whether you are an influencer, actor, model, or even a housewife, husband, couple, doctor, or police officer, you can create exceptional content. Police officers, for example, may not be allowed to create content in uniform, but I have seen many traffic police officers creating viral reels showcasing their traffic control skills during duty. To display your talents, you don’t have to be limited to acting, modeling, or influencing alone. If you are good at cooking, you can be a food blogger and share your recipes through content creation. Digital platforms have provided a stage for everyone, regardless of their background, field, gender, or age.

In terms of competition, you have a platform where your content and talent can go viral based on audience reception. If the audience likes your content, you will undoubtedly grow. So, if you have any talent within you, capture it beautifully, share it on YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and let people see your abilities. That’s how you can flourish. Additionally, in your respective field, continue working hard, gain experience, and study further. For instance, if you’re a doctor, it’s obvious that you can’t create reels about your profession. You need to continue your studies. Similarly, if you aspire to be an actor or model, observe and learn from successful fashion shows, renowned designers, and great actors by watching their films. Gain experience and knowledge from them while putting in the effort on your own journey. Keep creating and sharing your content with others. That’s my advice to you.

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