Mohit Bargali Set to Mesmerize Audiences in Upcoming Film “ARJUNAA – Imminent of End” Premiering in February 2024


The star-studded cast features Mohit Bargali in a prominent role, alongside talents such as @notssarahh, @digvijay_raikwal893, and @himanshu.sammal. The film is helmed by the visionary director @rajat_singh_077 actor and director known for big web series pehla chakravyuh chalava or jamun, with the skilled @shakir3059 serving as the Director of Photography.

Mohit Bargali
Sarah Actress

Behind the scenes, the production is in capable hands, with @mukulbargali33 producing, Kamal Basera and @arpitsharma601 as Line Producers, and @rawat_bhaskar_1204 handling drone operations. The creative touch extends to the costume design, curated by the talented @nehaha_03.

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The film’s soundtrack promises to be a soul-stirring experience, with music crafted by the renowned Sandy ( BEING AWARA ). The narrative, woven intricately, is the brainchild of director Rajat Singh, complemented by the writing prowess of Mohit Bargali. Pawan Bashera takes charge of the design elements, adding visual flair to the project.

Adding a melodic dimension to the film is the incredible singer Suraj Palariya, whose voice is set to resonate with audiences, further enhancing the cinematic journey. With such a stellar lineup of talent both on and off-screen, “ARJUNAA – Imminent of End” is poised to captivate viewers and leave an indelible mark on the cinematic landscape. Stay tuned for the premiere in February 2024, as Mohit Bargali and the entire cast bring this compelling story to life on the big screen.


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