Meet Founder Vyom Bajpai of DAMAK Jewellery Brand.

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Damak Founder Vyom Bajpai

Vyom Bajpai is a diamond grader and renowned jewellery designer who had her professional training, at the gemological institute of America, surat. With 5 years of focus and experience in this field, He still feels like a creatively inclined soul who happened to come into jewellery designing by chance, only to discover that He was born for it.

Damak Jewellery Brand

I launched my brand ‘Damak’ in Kanpur and New Delhi
website – Instagram – @damak_diamonds

According to his opinion to makes a successful entrepreneur is dedication, determination and a well-planned business strategy. Although the basic concept of business success and growth remains the same yet, the jewelry industry works in a different manner where every minute details and customer requirements need to be met with precision.


To Damak, every piece of him jewellery is very close to her heart, & one that is painstakingly created from the design stage to the finished stage using the best hands craftsmen in the country. Most of her pieces are limited pieces & are seldom repeated. Her clientele swears by him finish & keep coming back for more. Our greatest satisfaction is a happy client.

“The Damak is a brand of wearable premium jewellery that celebrates moments in life, ones that fill us with gratitude, joy, hope, healing, love, light, introspection, and inspiration,” shares Damak in her brand note


Have you seen a shift in consumer preferences in the last few years?

Consumers want wearable jewellery rather than keeping it in the lockers. They are willing to experiment with gemstones and not just emeralds, rubies, and diamonds. They are looking at various colours. I think there is a shift from a cultural element to a more fashion element – a means to express one’s style and personality. We bring a cultural element but with a twist of fashion because it helps us tell a story.

What kind of jewelleries do Indian brides prefer? Are they open to experimentation?

Every bride on her wedding day wants to look like a royal princess because as a young girl she has always envisioned a prince who will be her paramour. Today’s bride is no different. She wants to look her best and wants to be the cynosure of all eyes. The only difference in today’s bride and the brides in the past is that she is more aware of what she wants and how she wants to look. She knows what suits her and what doesn’t. She wants an opinion but that does not mean she will take it. She wants a classic design, yet wants it to be different than other brides, so in that sense, she wants uniqueness in design.

How would you describe the Damak style?

I celebrate the indomitable spirit of a woman who loves to live her life and lives to love herself so that she can spread happiness and love. A Damak bride is unapologetic about who she is and makes her own rules. She is feminine yet fierce, fabulous yet feisty. She is comfortable in her own skin and believes in expressing herself freely on her special day in exquisite jewels that are as unique as she is. She wears the jewels, she doesn’t let the jewels wear her.

You have completed 5 years in the jewellery industry. What is your biggest learning?

My biggest learning is that that there is always something new to learn. My great asset has been the fact that I am open to change. I am always looking at technology to make better products and enhance my jewellery.
I take a bit of the past and use the present to put something into the future.

“If your customers have trouble reaching out to you, you turn the tables and reach out to them at their convenience”