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Greetings, Sagar! How are you faring presently? Could you enlighten us regarding your personal background?

I am doing great. I am from Mumbai Suburbans City Vasai having an experience of ecommerce business industry from past 6+ years. Have completed from Dr babasaheb Ambedkar college also know as St. Peters College in the year 2016. Have Completed Diploma in Digital Marketing and Web Designing from DMTI Andheri in year 2017. I am the founder of “SELLERCAPSULE” ecommerce business service providing company. In the past 6 years I have provided services to more than 1000+ sellers all over India for their ecommerce business.

Kindly provide us with an overview of your enterprise and areas of expertise.

So, I founded “SELLERCAPSULE” on Dec 2017. At sellercapsule we provide services to online businesses as well as offline businesses to 2X or 3X their business by connecting with the latest technology of digital India. In terms of expertise I can say I am expert of Amazon India Marketplace as my journey was started with Amazon India in the year 2016. We provide services such as getting your business started as online Ecommerce onboarding with marketplaces such as Amazon, Flipkart, Jiomart, Meesho and also govt sites like GEM. For online business we provide complete one stop solution as Product Photography, Listing your products on portals, Brand Registration (TM), Amazon FBA shipments Etc… in short all day to day operations work. We are official service provider partner for Amazon and Flipkart. Also I am in connect with Jiomart so soon we will be official partner of Jiomart as well. For offline businesses we provide digital marketing and web designing services as google ads, google business setup, personalized websites, social media management and marketing. We focus on creating online presence for offline businesses as there are many good quality product/services in the market but due to lack of digital knowledge they are not able to scale the business.

Excellent! Now, could you share with us your objectives or aspirations?

For the next 5-7 years my goal is to reach as many as business in India and become one of the trusted service provider in India. The major reason I started this business is in the year 2016 I had a bad experience with one of the service provider. Then I got to know that 50-60% clients in India are not satisfied with the service providers the reason behind it is the providers charge the money to clients before the work and then they just disappear or the service quality would not be up to the mark. And we do not charge any money until we complete the work of the client. My goal is to have franchises of our sellercapsule in metro cities like Gurgaon, Bangalore etc… so that we can reach as many as businesses of India.

Please elaborate on your notable accomplishments thus far.

Till date I have crossed 1100+ happy clients in my service providing business and also I have my own ecommerce business were I have crossed 3.5 crore revenue in the past 3 years having in-house brands as HOMIZE and TREELY and Authorised brands like EUROSLEEK by DID International.

Can you provide a comprehensive account of your journey in the realm of digital e-commerce marketing?

In 2016 I started working as a web researcher with an ecommerce company and I completed diploma in digital marketing and web designing in the year 2017. I love to do research so side by side I started work on my self like post my office hours I use to understand how the ecommerce business works exactly I mean like indept and how can I start my own business. I still remember I had purchased chetan bhagat “half girlfriend” book for my girl friend but that time we broke up and I sold that book online and started my ecommerce business journey. By the end of 2017 finally I got investors and we gone to china and start our business on large scale. At the same time we tried service providers for our ecommerce business but we had very bad experience and I planned to start my own service providing business so I completed ATES(amazon trained ecommerce specialist) course from delhi and successfully scored 98% and became official partner of amazon India as service provider. Now I am serving clients all over India and helping sellers to achieve their targets.

Sagar, what specific services do you offer?

We are one stop solution for all ecommerce businesses but I would highlight few services as launching new business online, product photography, product videography, Getting Products listed on ecommerce portals, Social Media Management & Marketing, Website Development.

What are your hobbies and interests outside of your professional endeavors?

I like to play games games means not just for fun I play simulation games where I can learn something like business simulation, driving simulation etc… I would say I am a gamer I mean game is my energy recharger, when ever I am tired I play game and I get refresh and feel active. My interest is in technology, Like if I dont have PC, Internet I feel that I have lost any part of my body. I love learning new tech things, doing research and helping people with my knowledge and experience.

Interview by FAME DILA DOON

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