“Astrology Alchemist: Ubicca Khatri’s Digital Journey to Celestial Stardom – A Harmonious Blend of Influence and Astrological Insights”

Ubbica Khatri Sonali Khatri Cover Page Womaniean
“Astrology Alchemist: Ubicca Khatri’s Journey to Digital Stardom” Digital Cover Page WOMANIEAN July 2023

#Digitalcover Sonali Khatri, popularly known as Ubicca, originates from the captivating realm of Dev Bhoomi, Uttarakhand. She completed her education at The Aryan School in Dehradun. Subsequently, she pursued her undergraduate degree in B.B.A, B.Ed, and obtained a Masters in English. Aside from her role as an Influencer, Sonali is a distinguished consultant specializing in vastu and astrology.

During a recent interview, she shared, “I found myself at a pivotal crossroad in my life not too long ago, prompting me to reflect on what could ignite my passion for something that goes beyond mere work.” It was at this juncture that she embarked on her journey as an Influencer, with Instagram emerging as her preferred social platform due to its profound influence.

Sonali deeply cherishes her father and acknowledges him as her unwavering pillar of strength. His invaluable guidance has always been to never stifle her dreams. She emphasizes that despite encountering various individuals who may hinder her aspirations, she adamantly refuses to constrain herself, instead granting her dreams the freedom to soar as they have yearned for. Her profound message serves as an inspiration for others to surpass their fears and wholeheartedly embrace the pursuit of excellence.

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Ubbica Khatri

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