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Anil Kumar Digital Cover Page December 2023 Fame Dila Doon MAGAZINE

The Roots of Resilience

In the serene hills of Bari, a village nestled in the tehsil of Bani, Kathua district of Jammu and Kashmir, Anil Kumar began his journey. Born on July 15, 1990, into a defense family, with his father serving in the Border Security Force and a nurturing mother at home, Anil grew up with strong values and a deep sense of patriotism. His early education in the local government schools laid the foundation for his resilient character.

The Pursuit of Education and Transformation

Anil’s pursuit of higher education led him from the quiet hills of Bani to the bustling city of Jammu, where he completed his 11th and 12th grades. His journey didn’t stop there; the vibrant city of Bengaluru beckoned, promising new opportunities. Here, Anil embarked on his engineering studies, a phase that would redefine his life.

During his college days, Anil, then a lean young man weighing around 45 kg, discovered his passion for fitness. What started as a personal quest to improve his physique soon evolved into a deeper exploration of fitness and nutrition.

Anil Kumar

The Fitness Empire: A Dream Realized

In 2017, Anil’s dedication to fitness culminated in the creation of Fitness Empire, a chain of gyms that would soon become a hallmark of quality fitness training in Bengaluru. With multiple locations, Fitness Empire represents Anil’s commitment to empowering others through fitness.

Innovations in Nutrition and Retail

Anil’s entrepreneurial spirit didn’t stop at fitness. In 2020, amidst the challenges of COVID-19, he launched the sports supplements brand, Science of Nutrition, offering ground-breaking and cost-effective supplements. This venture was followed by the establishment of “Brands We Trust” in 2022, a chain of multi-brand supplement stores spreading across India, marking his expansion into the retail sector.

Novae Active: Embarking on a New Journey

The journey of Anil Kumar takes an exciting new turn with the upcoming launch of Novae Active. This innovative sportswear brand, set to be launched both online and offline, represents Anil’s foray into the realm of fashion and fitness wear. The offline store, slated to open its doors in Bengaluru, will serve as a testament to his commitment to quality and style. Meanwhile, the online platform, reaching customers pan India, will ensure that Novae Active’s premium range of sportswear is accessible to a broader audience. This strategic move of launching both an online and offline presence showcases Anil’s deep understanding of the market’s needs and his ambition to make high-end sportswear a norm in every Indian household. With Novae Active, Anil Kumar is not just launching a brand; he is creating a lifestyle movement.

SON Cafe: The Upcoming Venture

The journey continues with the impending launch of SON Cafe, a venture by Science of Nutrition. This innovative concept aims to merge healthy eating with contemporary dining, redefining the café experience.

A Legacy of Transformation and Growth

Anil Kumar’s story is more than just a tale of business success; it’s a narrative of personal transformation and unwavering dedication. From a young boy in the hills of Bani to a successful entrepreneur in Bengaluru, his journey is an inspiration. His ventures – Fitness Empire, Science of Nutrition, Brands We Trust, and the upcoming Novae Active and SON Cafe – are not just businesses but symbols of his passion for fitness, health, and empowerment.

As he continues to expand his horizon, Anil Kumar remains a beacon of inspiration, embodying the spirit of resilience and innovation in the heart of the Indian subcontinent.