Explore an in-depth interview with Surabhi Singh, a Delhi-based Indian model.

Explore an in-depth interview with Surabhi Singh, a Delhi-based Indian model. Cover Page Fame Dila Doon Magazine October 2023.
Surabhi Singh Fashionista Model Cover Page October 2023 Fame Dila Doon Magazine

1. Can you tell us about your journey into modeling and what inspired you to pursue this career?

Amid the challenges of the pandemic, my journey in the modeling field has been fascinating. I experimented with new hairstyles, donned colorful nails, and embraced fresh short dresses. No external inspiration guided me; it was my own determination.

2. What types of modeling do you specialize in, and do you have a preferred style or niche?

I engage in diverse modeling endeavors.

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3. How do you prepare for a photo shoot or runway show to ensure you deliver your best performance?

Embracing a positive attitude towards life, I turn to my faith and give my best effort.

4. Could you share an experience when you faced a challenging situation during a modeling assignment and how you handled it?

Maintaining a positive mindset shields me from negative experiences. Criticism, I see as guidance. Taking things lightly and positively, I learn from elders and those mentoring me in this field.

5. What do you believe sets you apart from other models and makes you a unique candidate for this opportunity?

Individuality reigns supreme. I avoid comparisons with others.

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6. How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle and physique to meet the demands of the modeling industry?

My routine includes morning workouts, light yoga, and a healthy diet to foster physical well-being. Positivity is my constant companion.

7. Can you describe your favorite modeling project or collaboration and what made it special for you?

During bridal and Ayur product shoots, I’m grateful for the strong support from my team.
In my modeling journey, I experienced incredible moments. I pursued the title of Mrs. India in 2022, and my dreams materialized. I earned the title of @fsia International Mrs. India 2022 Fashionista, fulfilling a childhood dream of becoming a diva. In 2023, I served as a jury member for Pride of India International, participating in both City and State levels. This journey with Pride of India has been fulfilling, providing me opportunities as a jury member. In 2023, I achieved my Doctorate in Modeling and Fashion from Florida University. “I live the dreams I see…”

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8. How do you stay updated on the latest fashion and industry trends to keep your work current and relevant?

With shopping as my hobby, I continuously explore new fashion, dresses, hairstyles, and nail paint designs. I experiment with various poses in my leisure.

9. What are your long-term career goals in the modeling industry, and how do you plan to achieve them?

My long-term goal involves striving for excellence in the modeling world. I aspire to venture into acting, sharing the stage with my favorite actors, and accumulating accolades.

10. How do you handle criticism and feedback in the modeling industry, and how do you use it to improve your craft?

I approach challenges with a positive mindset, persistently trying without fearing failure.

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